Finish Genius

Powerful, Real Time Process Knowledge

Process Surveillance

Process Monitoring Technology Allows for Eyes-On Critical to Quality Visibility

Learn more about the features and details of Finish Genius’ Video Process Monitoring.

With Finish Genius

• Increased Real-time Quality Control
• Eliminating Rework in Real-time
• Increased Equipment Efficiency
• Reduced Equipment Downtime

Without Finish Genius

• No Real-time Quality Control
• Increased Reworks
• Reduced Equipment Efficiency
• Increased Equipment Downtime


Formula Record Keeping Automation Provides an AccurateSafe Database of Color Formulas

Learn More about the details and features of Finish Genius’ Formula Record Keeping.

With Finish Genius

• Secure and Consistent Data Storage
•  Accurate Batching
• Easily Find Formulas
• Reduced Waste Stream Color Mismatches
• Accurate Formulas

Without Finish Genius

• Insecure Formula Record Keeping
• Incorrect Batch Mixing
• Increased time to search for Formula
• Color Mismatches
• Inconsistent Formulas

Real Time Data Dashboard

The Dynamic User Interface in Finish Genius Pro+ Provides Connectivity with Equipment and Process Devices

Learn more about the features and benefits of Finish Genius’ Equipment Automation Data Streaming Connectivity.

With Finish Genius

• Decreased Data Collection Time
• Accurate and Automatic Data Entry
• Real-time Data Streaming & Visibility

Without Finish Genius

• Increased Data Collection Time
• Incorrect Data Entry
• Loss of Real-time Data Visibility

Electronic Verfication Checklist

Real Time Process Validation Provides Accurate Verification of Each Task Performed

Learn more about the features and benefits of Finish Genius’ Process Validation.

With Finish Genius

• Enhanced Real-time Data Collection & Reporting
• Improves Operator Consistency
• Allows for Dynamic Process Adjustments
• Continuous Validation for Process Improvement
• Reduced Reworks & Labor
• Increases Product Quality & Throughput
• Enforces Process Order and Traceability

Without Finish Genius

• No Visibility of Process Data
• No Process Traceability
• No Enforcement of Order & Accuracy of Task
• No Process Information Channel in Real-time• Latency in Data Reporting
• No Data Visibility
• Increased Reworks & Labor Costs
• Lower Product Quality
• Unresolved Process Errors

Inventory Control

Advanced Process Costing Features Customizable Metrics to Accurately Calculate Real World Production Numbers

Learn more about the features and details of Finish Genius’ Process Costing.

With Finish Genius

• Correctly and Automatically Quote Projects
• Competitive and Accurate Pricing
• Increased Profit Margins

Without Finish Genius

• Incorrect Project Quotes
• Uncompetitive
• Lower Profit Margins

Environmental Reporting

Material Quantities and Labor Required for a Project are Automatically Calculated

Learn more about the features and details of Finish Genius’ Material Quantities.

With Finish Genius

• Accurately Calculate Project Materials
• Increase Throughput
• Decrease Material Waste
• Accurately and Automatically Calculate Labor Resources

Without FG

•Underestimate Required Project Materials
• Delay Project Completion
• Increased Material Waste
• Overestimate or Underestimate Labor Resources

Digital Work Instructions

ISO Compliant Interactive Multi-Media Work Instructions for training purposes, with Step-by-Step Directions, PDF Documents, Photos, and Videos

Learn more about the features and details of Finish Genius Digital Work Instructions.

With Finish Genius

• Eliminates Tribal Knowledge Using Best Practice Standards
• Expedite Training Time
• Easy to Use and Update
• Dynamic Process Knowledge
• Decreased Employee Turnover

Without Finish Genius

• Dependent on Tribal Knowledge
• Slow Learning Curve
• Hard to Document Processes
• Static Training Information
• Higher Employee Turnover

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