Future State Paint Process Solutions

New Paint Process Solutions

Optimizing the Process with the Right Coating, Equipment, and Training to Achieve Manufacturing Excellence


AWFI is uniquely positioned to offer the only real world applied technology resources for all sectors of the coating industry.  Connecting coating technology, equipment technology, and people to equal a complete finishing solution.

Our value and success is developing independent, unbiased, third party, process engineering, and consulting. AWFI works with all suppliers to connect resources with value added processes.

Phase I

Project Deliverables

  1. Create Paint Process Schedules 
  2. Create VOC Abatement Plan for Future Agency Requirements
  3. Document Future State Process Requirements 
  4. Write RFQ for Future State Equipment

Cost Model & Project Master Plan 

AWFI will Delivery a Total Cost Model of current state design vs future state design.

This will include labor & material,
energy, scrap, and overhead costs. 

Future State Models include process selection for every part & designed with the requirements as listed in the project scope.

Current state vs future state capacity charts include VOC output, capital equipment, and capital expenses required to execute the plan.

In addition, conceptual plant layouts with space requirements for future state design.

Phase II

Project Validation 

  • Validate proposed future state design through testing as needed.
  • Weekly written status report out (or other appropriate cadence agreed to by both parties).

Phase III


  1. Vendors identified for capital equipment. 
  2. Equipment specifications written for capital equipment.
  3. RFQs sent and quotes gathered from vendors. 
  4. Finalized detailed plant layout.
  5. Execution plan for implementing changes.

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