Current State Process Optimization

Current State Process Solutions

Optimizing the Process with the Right Coating, Equipment, and Training to Achieve Manufacturing Excellence.

AWFI Solution

AWFI is uniquely positioned to offer the only real world applied technology Knowledge resources for your industry For your new paint project, our Team will  determine the optimal method(s) for coating each part and propose a design based on those methods. Cost, quality, delivery, environmental, and safety concerns are always considered in a proposed design.

Step #1

An AWFI team member will visit on site to evaluate your current state processes, from surface preparation to final curing.

Current State Process Testing

Ambient Conditions •

Application Environment •

Application Equipment Performance •

Material Handling •

Curing Profiles • 

Product Quality and Performance •

Document Current State and Future State Requirements

  • Part Production Requirements 
  • Coating Transfer Efficiencies 
  • VOC Abatement
  • Material Handling Improvements 
  • Cost Reduction
  • Quality Improvements

Step #2

Create a process Improvement Master Plan

Work with Coating and Equipment manufacturers to Create Manufacturer’s Concept Plans (MCP’s) with proposed equipment and materials to meet Clients process  requirements. Create a Master Plan using MCP’s budgets and specifications for Client approval.

Step #3

Validate Master Plan Processes 

Work with Coating and Equipment manufacturers to Test Coating and application  processes to verify Master Plan.

Step #4

Perform Lab Test on Future State Processes 

  • ASTM Standards 
  • EIN Standards
  • ISO Standards

Step #5

Create Future State Process Equipment Request for Quote  (RFQ)

Write detailed RFQ specifications for Future State Project to submit to Coating and Equipment manufacturers/suppliers.

Step #6

Project Management and Startup 

Oversee vendor installations and provide process Knowledge for integrated startups. 

Step #7

Document Process and Train Team on New State Processes 

Write Work Instructions on all new processes. Train your team to hit the ground running. Short start up into full production. Eliminate trial and error.

Current State Process Optimization Benefits

Contact us today to achieve maximum application performance and profitability for your paint projects.

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